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Carpentry services are available at KMK. We are not just painters; we are culling contractors who offer many services. There is no need to hire a carpenter for work, then hire someone else for drywall, and then hire us for your painting needs. We can do it all here at KMK. Carpentry is one of the oldest trades of our time. Our residential carpenter can perform a number of different jobs including building, installing, repairing, and replacing anything in the home. Our professional carpenters have years of experience in their trade. Call us today for your FREE Estimate!

A carpenter is a true craftsman that is able to efficiently build, install, repair, or replace almost any type of project within homes. At KMK our team loves their job and takes pride in their carpentry work. Our carpenters are licensed and insured. KMK will make sure that each room is to your satisfaction, the first time! Our professionals will go over the details of each room and get to know you and your style, so that we can make each project their own. Here at KMK, we will provide you with a personalized, detailed proposal that clearly outlines all services that pertain to your specific job and the total cost. With us there are no surprises or hidden fees.

A home remodel is a very costly venture. Homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their home. Renovating is a great way to update an area of your home and add value to your biggest investment, your house. But not all home upgrades and renovations are worth spending your hard-earned money on. Here is some simple advice to make your home renovation worth the money and effort you put into it. Repairs are the renovations that will yield the most value for your home. Carpentry is the best way to fix the areas of your home that are in need of attention from a contractor or handyman.

Good repairs to consider are: fixing a leaking roof, replacing broken kitchen tile, stopping leaky faucet, and having an electrician rewire a faulty outlet. Even these small repairs can increase the value of your home. Our carpentry services include; remodeling, framing, additions, walls, doors, windows, cabinets, millwork, trim and moldings, closets, decks, sheds, stairs, ramps, furniture and anything that involves measuring, cutting, installing and repairing wood. We can do all these things and more!

Carpentry Services:


Carpentry framing is the basic building skill of new construction and almost every remodeling or addition project. To put it simply, carpentry framing refers to the construction of the “skeletal” system of a structure, or the system of supports that form the structure of a house. By itself, a piece of framing is rather weak. It is only strong when connected to the other framing pieces. If joints look tight, feel solid, and members run true, the house will finish better and be more structurally sound.


Interior trim is a great way to improve your home decor. Much like the exterior, doors, windows, and wall edges are all great house trim options. Your house trim options are even greater since materials don’t have to withstand the abuse of the elements. Installing interior trim doesn’t involve dealing with the sun, rain, or potentially dangerous heights. Whether you have a casual, contemporary, country, or any other style home, you can find a trim that will work for you. Both exterior and interior trim will frame your home to emphasize the artistic appeal of your home. For an even greater statement, you should consider wainscoting or decorative paneling for interior wall coverings.


One of the best ways to enhance a property’s overall look and appeal is with a deck and custom carpentry. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home’s interior. Imagine a multi-level deck for hosting a summer gathering; or a cozy wrap-around porch where you can enjoy the sunset. Or maybe your deck is too weathered and is no longer a place where your friends and family can safely spend quality time together.


Doors form a vital part of the make-up of any property. Most homes and buildings will feature multiple entrances and internal doorways, using a range of different doors that are carrying out a variety of functions. While they have an important practical function to fulfil, the design and style of doors can influence the overall character of a property - and the design options are endless. From the size and choice of material, to how they open and move, the finish, mouldings and the hardware used.

Our Carpentry Services:

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