Certified Roof Inspections, Lake County & Beyond

At KMK Residential Restorations Inc., we don't just provide adjustment and inspection services - we provide the best adjustment and inspection services. That's why we employ several inspectors and estimators who are certified by HAAG Engineering, the leader in residential and commercial roof damage assessment. With scientific analysis and input from manufacturers, insurance professionals and roofing contractors, HAAG has defined the standard for conducting roof inspections. KMK Residential Restorations Inc. Certified Roof Inspections provide quick and accurate roof damage evaluation and precise estimates according to scientifically based damage assessment techniques.

KMK Residential Restorations Inc. knows that better educated inspectors bring about better results. Through our Certified Roof Inspections, we ensure credible findings and a clear and proven advantage in the event of differing conclusions. Our roof inspections are valued and garner a higher level of respect in the industry.


Our Certified Residential Roof Inspections assess damage to all major types of residential, or steep-slope, roofs. Our inspectors and estimators are trained and certified in how hail and wind interact with roofing, inspection safety, roof area calculations and applicable codes. We are knowledgeable on all major residential roofing types, including manufacturing, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage and repair costs. Our evaluations and estimates of residential roofs include these types:

  • Wood shingle/shake
  • Concrete and clay tile
  • Asbestos
  • Fiber cement
  • Synthetic
  • Slate
  • Metal
  • Asphalt