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Welcome to KMK Residential Restorations, your trusted provider of professional fascia carpentry services. We are dedicated to helping you enhance the beauty and functionality of your home through expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Fascia is Available in Various Types of Material
and Serves Several Functions

  • The most common choice due to its affordability
  • Primarily constructed from either spruce, pine, or fir
  • Because it is not water-resistant, wood is subject to rot
  • Must be primed and painted regularly to extend longevity
  • Can be used as a means of weatherproofing wood fascia
  • Pliable & can be bent/wrapped completely around the wood
  • Extends the life of wood fascia; installation could be expensive
  • More accurately defined as polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Standard PVC includes plasticizers for added flexibility
  • Fastened to wood fascia to add appeal and increase lifespan
  • UPVC does not contain plasticizers; is more rigid/more durable
  • Requires little maintenance while also enhancing aesthetic appeal
  • Weather/chemical resistant; smooth surface permits better water flow

Discover the Importance and Benefits of Fascia:
  • Secures gutters to the roof, preventing displacement
  • Protects the roof deck and attic from water damage
  • Enhances the curb appeal by covering rough ends of rafters
  • Prevents access to the home by pests and animals

While wood fascia has been the traditional choice, it requires regular maintenance to prevent rot and premature replacement. At KMK Residential Restorations, we offer professional fascia carpentry services using modern materials such as vinyl and aluminum, which provide numerous advantages over wood. Our skilled carpenters ensure top-quality craftsmanship and exceptional results.

  • Minimal to no maintenance required
  • Increased durability and extended lifespan
  • Superior resistance to weather extremes
  • Enhanced visual appeal for your home

At KMK, we understand the importance of fascia in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today for professional fascia carpentry services that will enhance the beauty and protection of your home.

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