Discover the versatility and quality of our VERSATEX trimboards. As leaders in cellular PVC trim, we are committed to innovation, technical assistance, and delivering the best products in the industry. With thickness tolerances that exceed industry standards and a range of revolutionary products, we offer a level of quality, service, and expertise that sets us apart.

At KMK Residential Restorations, we proudly offer VERSATEX trimboards as part of our commitment to providing high-quality materials for your construction and remodeling projects. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, VERSATEX trimboards are the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Trust us to deliver exceptional materials that enhance the beauty and longevity of your projects.

Our VERSATEX trimboards are meticulously crafted from cellular PVC, ensuring durability and performance. Choose from two impeccable finishes: Smooth Matte and Timber Ridge. Whether you desire a sleek and modern look or a natural aesthetic that complements fiber cement and cedar installations, our trimboards deliver long-lasting quality and style.

With clean edges and true 90° angles, our precision-cut PVC trimboards ensure a seamless installation. We offer cost-effective cut-to-length and cut-to-width options, minimizing waste and saving you money. Experience the benefits of tailored trimboard solutions that meet your project requirements without compromising on quality.

At KMK Residential Restorations, we provide more than just exceptional products. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your success and satisfaction. Count on us for technical support, on-site engineers, installation videos, and a comprehensive best-practices manual. Partner with us to achieve outstanding results and exceed your expectations.

Ready to elevate your projects with VERSATEX trimboards? Contact KMK Residential Restorations today and let us guide you through the process. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure a seamless and successful installation. Discover the difference that VERSATEX trimboards can make in your construction or remodeling projects.

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