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Painting Contractor - Residential & Commercial Painting & Decorating Services, Interiors and Exteriors - serves primarily Lake Forest, Highland Park, Winnetka, Highwood, Northbrook, Wheeling, Libertyville.

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We handle all aspects of interior and exterior painting and decorating services for both residential and commercial projects: pressure washing, custom work, texturing, faux finishes, staining, spraying, masonry, trim work, baseboard, crown - whether for new buildings, renovations, restoration, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or entire home remodels.

We are familiar with finish coating, fine finishing, alkyd paint, alkyd coatings, gloss and stain, acrylic paints and finishes, anti-corrosive paints, slip resistant paint, a variety of painting and finishing techniques, fire resistant coatings, galvanized primer and paints, graining paint, glazes, gloss coatings, gilding, quality staining work, lacquers, latex coatings, water-based paints, laminate work, linseed oil stain, metal priming and painting and finishing, quality primers, spray painting, and more.

Bottom line: We can handle a wide variety large projects and smaller jobs. And we really enjoy working with homeowners!

Members of our painting team specialize in top quality interior and exterior painting & decorating services. They have years of experience in the trade and have worked on multimillion-dollar homes, commercial jobs, tenant remodels, and both large and smaller homes in Lake & Cook County . They are true professionals.

DESIGNERS: For high-end properties, we also work with top designers, as needed, to give our customers the perfect color scheme and paint selection. We are neat, on time and and like to make our customers happy! All painting and decorating jobs are supervised for quality control. Also see Authentic Venetian Plaster.

Water damage repair,water stain & drywall repair

Residential Restorations Painting water stain

KMK also specalizes in renovation and repair, including water damage drywall repair, water stain on the walls and ceilings, drywall replacement and installation. Our professional, trained, and experienced staff will do it right--from start to finish. We have excellent references in the greater Metro area for outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. That's because we guarantee customer satisfaction and deliver top quality work. SAVE money with our code compliant work, we also can do a complete paint match.