KMK Ladder Assist services Lake County IL, HAAG Certified

Roofing and insurance restoration is everyday business for KMK Residential Restorations Inc. so as an offered service we offer ladder assist to appraisers and inspectors call us to request a ladder assist today.

We serves the needs of insurance carriers and catastrophic adjusting companies in Lake County and beyond by providing property adjusters, both Independent and Staff, with ladder assists on residential property losses. We provide services to engineering firms as well.

We provide access to 2 and 3 story roofs for the adjuster/engineer who does not transport these size ladders and professional, accurate and comprehensive documentation for the adjuster when a ladder assist is needed.

All this is done at a reasonable and competitive cost for the insurance company, as our charges are billed according to the actual service performed at each individual loss location.

We actively update our services to meet the needs of our clients. Please make assist requests 3 days in advance when at all possible. However we do take calls for same day or next day appointments with a minimal fee attached and commit when we are able.

  • 28 to 40 ladders available
  • Specializing in steep roofs. Rope and harness certified for steep roof access
  • Team members use their own equipment to perform services.
  • Our assists provide diagrams and measurements to the nearest inch when needed.
  • Ridge shingles and all roof components are listed out.
  • Multiple layer and roof pitch photo verification.
  • All documentation provided by KMK is verified and approved by the adjuster before our team member leaves a risk location.
  • Full risk location inspections without adjuster present are available. All documentation is sent up for adjuster to write estimate.