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Residential and Commercial Drywall Contractor - Our Company Installs Complete Wall and Ceiling Systems and serves primarily Lake Forest, Highland Park, Winnetka, Highwood, Northbrook, Wheeling, Libertyville.

As a drywall company, our specialty is quality residential drywall and commercial drywall installation, drywall repairs - including ceilings, popcorn ceiling removal, drywall finishing, texturing, and painting and decorating including faux finishes. We are state certified and insured, have a drug-free workplace program, and serve the Wheeling area of Illinois and beyond.

Drywall Textures - We are experts at various kinds of knock-down textures, custom textures, "spanish knife", "crow's feet", "sand swirl", "mud swirl", "slap brush", etc., and satin smooth "industry standard level five" finishes.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Popcorn ceilings (sometimes referred to as acoustical ceilings) date a house and give it a "70's" or "80's" look, or earlier. We are experts at removing popcorn or acoustical ceilings and re-texturing and painting them so they look very contemporary. Could your tired popcorn ceilings use a fresh, contemporary look? Call us today!

Drop Down Ceilings - We can also provide T-Bar drop-down ceilings for both ceiling tile and hard ceiling applications (USG, DONN, etc.). We're reliable, show up on time, and know how to handle high-end installations that require quality workmanship. Bottom line: We get the job done, no excuses!

Need an exterior finish or resurfacing? We do exterior wall systems such as cut-brick, plaster resurfacing, stucco in several finishes, including "standard sanded" and "mediterranean knockdown," to match any style. And we install exterior insulation & finish systems (EIFS) and use both Dryvit and Senergy materials.

Whatever your wall and ceiling needs are, call us today for a free estimate: (847) 752-4022

COMMERCIAL commercial drywall

Are you a high-end property owner or general contractor who needs a reliable commercial drywall contractor - located in the Wheeling area?

Residential Restorations Drywall Illinois Mt Cashmere

We're licensed and insured, and we show up on time. We also do a quality job at reasonable prices, and we do it right the first time. We especially enjoy working on high-end properties, and we think you'll like our professionalism and workmanship. We handle all aspects of residential and commercial drywall installation: Framing, boarding, taping, mudding, texturing and level 5 finishes. We also offer full painting and decorating services (including faux finishes, etc.), as well as authentic Venetian Plaster applications, and we do T-Bar drop-down ceilings for both ceiling tile and hard ceiling applications (USG, DONN, etc.). Serving Lake Forest, Winnetka, Wheeling, Highland Park, Northbrook, Libertyville. Call for a free residential estimate or commercial quotation. (847) 752-4022

RESIDENTIAL residential drywall

CLASSIC FINISH DRYWALL - Residential Drywall Contractor Serving Lake Forest, Highland Park, Winnetka, Highwood, Wheeling, Northbrook, Libertyville,

Residential Restorations Drywall Illinois Drywall

Looking for a residential drywall contractor who provides quality drywall installation? Got water damage to your walls or ceilings? We can fix it. Or how about an authentic venetian plaster application. We offer complete wall and ceiling systems: framing, boarding, finishing, textures, painting & decorating. And we handle drywall repairs & water damage. We're neat, clean, professional and reliable. We show up on time and offer competitive pricing. Call (847) 752-4022 for a free estimate!

If you've ever had a room in your house, office or commercial project drywalled and painted, you may have run into this scenario... The drywall installation people leave, everything looks okay. Then the painters arrive and begin to point out imperfections in your walls. Things like dips, warps, wavy surface areas, and other such flaws. These things tend to show up during the painting process, if not before. Also, you may be using inexperienced painters whose work is less than perfect, and who tend to blame the drywallers for being less than perfect.

Who needs this back and forth blaming scenario? Who needs questionable results? You want to know the job was done correctly, right from the start through to the finish.

That's why we specialize in a COMPLETE wall and ceiling system. You deal with one reliable drywall contractor for all your drywall installation needs: framing, boarding, taping, mudding, texturing or smooth-as-silk "level 5 finishes," painting and decorating (faux finishes, etc.). We also handle drywall repairs & water damage. Thanks to our experience using a variety of drywall techniques, everything fits together like hand-in-glove. The end result is ceilings and walls crafted with excellent workmanship that look great! (See our testimonials). On the other hand, if you already have people you can count on for framing or painting, we can work with them as a team and get the results you need. And, if you have a dated popcorn ceiling, visit our page on popcorn ceiling removal and retexturing. For a free drywall estimate call (847) 752-4022.

AUTHENTIC VENETIAN PLASTER authentic venetial plaster

Authentic Venetian Plaster from Classic Finish Drywall features skillfully prepared and aged Italian lime and crushed Italian marble. Serving Lake Forest, Wheeling, Highland Park, Northbrook, Libertyville, Wheeling.

European artisans have used Venetian plaster, or Venetian stucco for centuries in both homes, offices, everyday buildings and on architectural masterpieces. The distinctive beauty of this luxurious wall surfacing has been admired by royalty, architects, designers, artists and upscale home-owners

A Venetian Plaster surface can contain subtly graduated colors, pastels, bold colors, a rough finish, or traditionally -- a shiny, many-layered surface that appears to have three-dimensional depth. Basically, any designer / paint color, hue or tint can be matched and then enhanced with the imported Italian crushed granite and minerals, and the particular texture itself. Endless possibilities.

Residential Restorations Drywall Venetian Plaster

IMPORTANT: Our authentic Venetian Plaster is NOT paint. We use ONLY authentic lime, minerals and crushed marble imported from Italy. But any paint color can be matched, and the pigments created specifically for the lime plaster result in high-quality, fade-resistant, all-natural colors. We can create a matte finish (flat) all the way up to a high gloss finish on most of the products we provide. We can also wax surfaces with a special breathable wax that can be polished with a rag after it has dried. The surfaces age gracefully over the years and needs little to no maintenance. Many people automatically think "Marmorino" when they are discussing Venetian Plaster. Marmorino is the basis for most Italian lime plasters, and is truly a classic product. Many beautiful finishes can be produced using marmorino. We use several marmorino plasters in our Venetian finishes. Some are designed for a classic look, others are designed for the typical look of Venetian Plaster, and others for the contemporary look of modern applications. Some have special colored minerals to achieve the affect of stone.

IMPORTANT: There are several suppliers and manufacturers that promote and sell some of their products as "Venetian Plaster." The Italians call these synthetics "fat paints" because the material is basically just very thick paint that is loaded with chemicals, resins, and other ingredients that are harmful to the environment. It is not Venetian, and it is not Italian lime plaster.

Benefits That Go Beyond Beautiful Looking Surfaces...

Years of tradition and heritage stand behind our authentic Venetian Plaster products. But, in addition to the beautiful look afforded by Italian lime plaster, it also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. In particularly humid areas such as Illinois, the use of Italian lime plaster handles most of the mold and mildew issues. The material is fully breathable, so moisture that often gets trapped inside a wall can escape. Drywall paper is also breathable, and the only reason mold would grow on it is because moisture gets locked in by paint which seals the surface. Paint lets nothing in, but it also lets nothing out.

Italian lime plaster, on the other hand, allows moisture to evaporate through the surface of the outer wall, and the look of the wall or surface area becomes even more beautiful over time.

Lastly, our Venetian Plaster finishes can be applied over a wide variety of existing surfaces including painted walls. For these applications, we use a special primer or bonding agent which was made specifically for adhering these products to other surfaces.

You have to see a Venetian Plaster surface to fully appreciate the possibilities. The above pictures do not do it justice as the lighting was non-optimum when they were taken on site. To view some actual samples, or to arrange for a free estimate, please call (847) 752-4022.

POPCORN CEILING REMOVAL popcorn ceiling removal, retexture

Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Acoustic Ceiling Removal, Texturing, Painting - Classic Finish Drywall - Serving Highwood, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Highland Park, Wheeling, Northbrook and Libertyville Counties

HOMEOWNERS! Give your home a fresh, contemporary look. Call now for a free popcorn removal and re-texture estimate. We also provide full painting and finishing services. (847) 752-4022.

4 Reasons for Choosing Us:
  1. Our experience & expertise: We are fully experienced experts at popcorn removal, retexturing, painting & decorating, and we handle both large and small jobs. As a family-owned business, we enjoy working for homeowners, and personal referrals are our main source of business!
  2. Reliability and Confidence: You can ask our customers. (See testimonials). We stand completely behind our work. No ifs, ands or buts. You get what you pay for, with a plus! We show up on time, clean up properly, and deliver what was promised in the proposal/estimate.
  3. Peace of Mind: You and your home are fully protected. We are licensed and insured, carry workers compensation for our employees, and we are a state certified drug-free workplace. And, as you can see by the photo, we protect your premises and furnishings by covering everything with plastic sheeting and literally creating a "bag" inside the room that catches and encapsulates any residue or mess, making it easy to clean up and dispose of any waste.
  4. Reasonable prices: Are we the cheapest? Probably not. But we are priced fairly. Anyone can offer really cheap prices, but then you get really cheap results that won't stand up over time. The fact of the matter is, we have had to fix some real messes for customers that were caused by others promoting themselves as drywall and texture experts. So buyer beware: those bottom-feeder prices often turn out to be very expensive and time-consuming in the end. You get what you pay for.

Residential Restorations Drywall Retexture

Homeowners often spend time and money renovating their homes, yet leave their dated popcorn ceilings in place (also called acoustic ceilings or cottage cheese texture). Not only do popcorn ceilings look old and tired and give a home a dated look from the 70's or 80's, they are also unhealthy. Floating dirt and dust particles easily get trapped in the popcorn surface which then becomes a breeding ground for dust mites. After awhile, these ceilings tend to look dirty and dingy.

We are experts at popcorn ceiling removal. After we remove the popcorn texture, we retexture and paint your ceilings to give them a fresh, contemporary look. In fact, our customers are constantly amazed and delighted by the appearance of their homes after we have completed this process. It really makes a difference!

So if you are thinking of refurbishing your home, remove popcorn ceilings. Especially, if you are thinking of selling your home. Otherwise, you will still have a dated and dingy look no matter what else you do, and the dated look will impact the value of your home.

A cautionary note: A small percentage of sprayed acoustic ceilings in older homes contain asbestos fibers. If you are concerned your home may fall into that category, we can have a small sample tested for you in an independent, accredited lab. If the test comes back positive, there are several options, including -- but not limited to -- covering/encapsulating the popcorn and retexturing.

Condos and other Multi-Family Dwellings: Because they are not single-family residences, condos, apartments, duplexes, triplexes, etc., are subject to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asbestos regulations, which are strictly enforced in the greater Metro area. What this means is that if you have a condo or apartment with popcorn ceilings, the EPA requires that an asbestos survey be conducted to determine if you have asbestos in your popcorn ceiling before you do anything to it. Some Condo Owners and/or Contractors try to "fly under the radar" on this, but skipping the survey will result in very hefty fines if it is discovered that you did not get one done before attempting to handle your popcorn ceiling. And your neighbors and/or your condo association can find out and cause some real problems for you. The survey is fairly inexpensive and is a simple process. But it must be conducted by a certified asbestos surveyor. We can handle all the arrangements for you.

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